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Anteski Law Firm

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Anteski Law Firm handles: divorces, changes of custody, paternity, visitation, increase/decrease in child support, bankruptcy, guardianship, juvenile, probate, wills, personal injury, and expungements.

Attorney June Anteski is licensed in the state of Arkansas and certified for Federal District Court.

Limited scope representation is available for the drafting of the legal pleadings only. Simply call now to set up an appointment at one of my three offices:

Anteski Law Firm
3505 E. Chism St.
Paris, AR 72855
(479) 963-3055

Anteski Law Firm
2501 Meadow Lane
Barling, AR 72923
(479) 452-8064

Anteski Law Firm
262 N. Section Line Drive #54
Cotter, AR 72626
(870) 421-3616

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