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Buildcase, LLC

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Since 2000 Buildcase, LLC Company’s mission to provide clients with quality roofing and gutter services has resulted in over 75% repeat client business. Buildcase is a local roofing and gutter services company respected as one of the leaders in team approach project delivery.

Buildcase’s mission is to serve its customer base with quality roofing and gutter services, which adds value to their property(s). We start the project when we say we will and are devoted to stay on task untill it is finished.

Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerston on wich Buildase has built its reputation. Since 2000 we are committed to deliver the best possible roof and gutter project at very reasonable price, on time, safely and with the highest quality to ALL our customers.

What We Do
At Buildcase LLC we specialize in all types of roof and gutter repair work, ice dam prevention, roof and gutter cleaning, inspection and new roof and gutter installation at affordable prices for residential and commercial customers for all ares of Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven Counties

CT HIL. # 0616026
Feel free to contact me by phone or by email:

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