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Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning

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Call Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning in Sonora, California at (209) 694-4797 to benefit from the best carpet and upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaner restoration in the industry.We are a full-service carpet cleaning and carpet cleaner restoration company providing quality carpet cleaning services, and maintenance carpet cleaning tips for your ultimate satisfaction. We are not a one hour in and out carpet cleaner service. We take our time and actually do the carpet cleaning not just to look good on the surface only, but to be actually deep down clean. Our stain and dirt removal techniques will give you a carpet cleaning that you can just know is very clean each and every time and to assure that your carpet will look and smell as good as it has been since new and to bring back the beauty to your carpets. Choose us as your next carpet cleaner service and you won’t be disappointed.

For a deep carpet cleaning, the only good way is with a rotary 360 degree spinning head unit with multi-spray jets and multi-vacuums like we use at Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning and that turn at up to 225 revolutions per minute. A wand push back and forth carpet cleaner method is the caveman way with the newer carpet cleaning technology tools that are available to all carpet cleaner companies but very few use because of the cost of these systems and is no where nearly as effective as the Rotovac 360 we at Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning use. This not only cleans your carpets extremely well but keeps carpets safe and as clean as they can possibly be cleaned, but also cuts drying time in half. Put an end to dirt, dust mites, and other health harmful pathogens loading up in your carpets by contacting us today for your carpet cleaning. (Please look at the videos under Links:(to the Right) to see how these 360 degree rotational spinning head units work) Choose us as your next carpet cleaner service. We won’t let you down and will always do the best work that can be done. We offer carpet cleaning in the Sonora, Jamestown, Columbia, Soulsbyville, Twain Harte, Mi Wuk Village, Tuolumne, CA areas.

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