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Couette Electric LLC

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We at Couette Electric LLC offer you a new type of electrical service. Couette Electric LLC ( FormallyJack Horner ) is a family owned and operated eco-friendly service company that does its best to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

Our best efforts are made to buy local and American to help stimulate the economy, we also recycle all unused materials to minimize waste. Our planet is important to us and to the future of our children and we would like to share our concept with you.

Couette Electric LLC offers kind, fast and friendly service, most work performed by a master electrician who is also certified “green”. Our company also offers free of charge a “suggestions” list to help lower those ever rising electrical bills, as well as, save energy.

Couette Electric LLC is like no other electrical service company and would love the opportunity to show you how different we really are!

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