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Phoenix Home Window Tinting

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We are a residential/commercial window tinting company that cares about our customers. We realize that without our customers we would not have our business.

We are a family owned business and are located in Phoenix Arizona.
We believe that every person would benefit from having window tint applied to their windows. Having the tint applied, will automaticallly stop the Ultra Violet Rays by 99%, these are the rays that causes the most damage to the furnishing, drapery, flooring, painting, etc. by fading . Next is the amount of heat that can be rejected by the application of Window Tint. With clear film you can stop the heat by 47%, with a darker film you can stop the heat up to 70%, both of these still let in light so your views will not be obstructed. We also carry sandblast films, great for privacy.
Most of the films are applied on the inside of the window, and are installed with a life time warranty.

The best part is… the SAVINGS on the utility bills.

Call us today for a FREE IN HOME ESTIMATE
(602)218-5676 (602)377-8348

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