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R & F Industries

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What makes this business different from the rest is our ability to do the plumbing, electrical and some drywall involved in the remodeling.
This makes the job more economical and less hassle because this eliminates the need to schedule a plumber, electrician and possibly a drywaller. In addition, due to the prior experience with specialty woodworking we are better equipped to duplicate older molding that is not commercially available.

Many times remodeling focuses on the inside but what is so important to remember in any interior remodeling job is to be certain that the building is sound on the outside also. If a roof leaks that money spent on your new look or space will need repaired. This has lead us to add Conklin Roofing Systems to our already varied repertoire.

Conklin Roofing Systems offers a way to get a new lease on the life of your old flat or low pitch roof for both residential and commercial roofs.

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Fax: 717-664-4644

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