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Stain Removal Experts

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Owned and operated by John Seaman, founded in 1972, we have been supplying our carpet cleaning services to the Bay area from San Francisco north to San Jose south for 42 years.
Our hot water steam extraction process is the one most carpet manufacturers recommend. Deep-down clean and service that’s second to none. It’s happened to almost everyone. You have a firm grip on that bottle of fine red wine and . . . oh, no! Urban legends and helpful hints abound, but it is fairly well accepted that some stains simply cannot be removed. Period.
At Stain Removal Experts, we’re not miracle workers, but some customers say we come close to that standard! Before making the hard decision to replace your carpet due to some minor disaster, let our journeyman carpet technician apply some elbow grease to that stain.
Stain Removal Experts uses a unique cleaning process employing protein-digesting enzymes that literally “eat away” uric acid crystals. After allowing the enzymes sufficient time to break the crystals down, our odor removal specialists will deeply and thoroughly steam clean your carpet, extracting cleaning solution, enzymes and the remnants of the uric acid crystals. In extreme cases of pet urine damage,Stain Removal Experts technicians find that pet urine has penetrated through the carpet into the carpet padding and subfloor of the home. If your pet damage issues are extreme, the Stain Removal Experts pet urine remediation team will consult with you to formulate a remediation plan to fit your needs and your budget. Stain Removal Experts uses an exclusive biocidal agent that destroys odor-causing bacteria and fungi such as aspergillus and penicillium. This agent is applied deeply within the fibers of your carpet as the carpet is thoroughly sanitized and steam cleaned. We will leave your carpet softer, fresher, clean and deodorized after performing your customized pet urine and odor removal services.

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