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Xtreme Dry Carpet Cleaning

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Xtreme Dry Carpet Cleaning is conscious of the environment as well as the health needs of our customers. Therefore, we use products that are Green Seal Certified.
Our first commitment is to our customers. We strive to exceed their expectations in everything we do. Our service is prompt, meticulous and in a manner that sets us apart from otherbabyblanket carpet cleaning companies. The finished product and presentation are directly related to the service and excitement level the customer is left with. The goal here is to leave every homeowner completely satisfied. We operate with high standards of performance and behavior.
If you wonder if the finished results are difference because our cleaning system isn’t the same as what you may be used to, the answer is absolutely. When we finish cleaning your carpets they are dry immediately. Since we do not use water or shampoo you are not left with sticky residue which attracts dirt. We leave your carpet cleaner longer. Also, most spores bond with water and begin to germinate, meaning they undergo a process of becoming live or active. Xtreme Dry Carpet Cleaning actually removes mold spores by up to 85%. Using a wet carpet cleaning system will increase your chances of breeding these fungi. Any spots that are removable from your carpet will be gone for good. The appearance of your carpet will leave you and your neighbors in total amazement.
Call us today at 843-267-1305. You will be happy you did!

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